Rise Woment's Network

June 9th-June 15th

I hear you, I feel you,
I see you. Yes, you!

Underappreciated by the world.

Unrealized potential.

Underrated by most.

We will never overlook you.
As a matter of fact this conference is for you!
We are here to help the
world see the difference
you were meant to make in their lives.

You are a
game changer,
You are
absolutely amazing,
You are
You are the


At this summit,
you will learn
from the brightest, best,
and most
women in the

Learn how to start
the business you know
you always been dreaming about.

You’ve been talking about that book.
We’re going to help you write it.

You’ve, been talking about that message.
We’re going to set you free to speak your Truth.

You’re not just
some woman.
You’re not just
a woman.
You are the

The Rise Woment's Network summit is
designed to help women from
all around the globe to step fully into
their purpose, show up passionately,
purposefully in the world,
and do the extraordinary.

Success doesn’t come from you, you come for it!

Are you ready
to collaborate
and brainstorm
with women
leaders, women
and women just
like you?

Can I be honest…..

I used to hate
events like this.


They spent too
much time talking
to me instead of
working with me.

So, this is a
working women’s summit.
Meaning its for women who want to put in the work and
I guarantee this is a digital workshop,

just for you.

Your life,
Your career,
Your business,
Your relationships
can radically
transform in

just six days.

Yes, I’m talking
about ridiculously
better than
sex or chocolate cake

- mind blowing success.

It’s going to take
action. So register.
It’s going to tak
e commitment. So
#signupandshowup It’s going to take

So stick to it.

The biggest challenge

that many women face
is that they give up on
their dreams,
their hopes,
their aspirations,
their ideas,

and themselves before
they even get started.

But that’s
not you.


My name is Dr. Kennette Thigpen
and I founded the Rise Women’s Network for you, because I believe
in you, because I support you.

“Every woman needs
a cheerleader and I’m yours”

Wherever there is a woman in need,
there we will be supporting you,
clapping, guiding, and loving you all
the way to your breakthrough.

The Next Sister’s Up Summit is for you
and I’ll see you there!

"Your destiny has a
front seat and we’ll
be sitting in it"